What is zoning?

To zone, you're controlling areas in the map, usually the existing three lanes, to dismount the respawning enemies and delay their regroup/recontest.
  • Generally, tanks and flanks can zone up the furthest, while DPS stays in a safe distance
  • Zoning commonly refers to offensive zoning 

Why you should zone?

  • You’re preventing the enemy from recontesting the objective and trigger overtime, therefore securing your own objective 
  • By establishing map control, you can manipulate the flow of battle and force the enemy to either group for a push, or force them to pop ultimates to regain map control 
  • Getting kills during zoning will force the enemy to reset/regroup, which in return is going to give you time in a push, or stall a push if you’re on the defending side 

There are 3 methods of zoning.

Defensive Zoning

To zone defensively, your team is positioning for a controlled fight, this is especially useful for point fights and defending against enemy pushes. This is commonly referred to as "general positioning."

Common signs of defensive zoning are:
  • A team isn’t zoning aggressively and are playing safe around the objective 
  • A team is setup around a choke point on the map to stall the payload push 

Offensive Zoning & Suicide Zoning

To zone offensively, your team is positioning forward, around the last two choke points on the map, to dismount the enemy.

When a team has 3 points or the match has reached its final round (whichever comes first), teams with a point percentage/ultimate advantage may consider suicide zoning.

  • To suicide zone, your team is taking hyper aggressive zoning positions to dismount enemies at their spawn (often at the last choke point on the map)